MSM 2014 - 2022 - Ukraine is full of Neo-Nazi's
MSM 2022 -> There are no Neo-Nazi's in Ukraine

Main Stream Media has for the past 8 years been documenting the Neo-Nazi Militias of Ukraine, and their conclusions has always been, that there indeed are Neo-Nazi's in Ukraine... Now in 2022 the same medias says that there are no Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, please send all your moneys to them and support their war?? Huh???

The video on this page contains the following videoclips, all made by the MSM for the past 8 years:
Marts 2014         : Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine -- BBC
Maj 2014            : Meeting the Donbas Battalion: Russian Roulette in Ukraine -- VICE
Juli 2015             : The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine's government -- BBC
Marts 2017         : Women and the Azov battalion in Kyiv, Ukraine -- DW (Deutsche Welle) Documentary
September 2017 : Ukraine's far-right children's camp 'I want to bring up a warrior' -- The Guardian
April 2018          : Ukraine On patrol with the far-right National Militia -- BBC
Maj 2018            : Out of Control Ukraine's Rogue Militias -- VICE
Januar 2021        : Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine -- TIME

Have a look at their uniforms, they actually tells the hole story

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