MK-Ultra: Mind Control Patenter

MK-Ultra siger det dig noget? Hvis ikke, så undersøg det nærmere selv

Det er CIA's Mind Control program, og det er bestemt IKKE en konspirationsteori, at CIA har forsket i den slags i mange år....!

Skulle du være i tvivl herom, så kan du jo begynde at gennemgå denne fine liste af patenter på netop det projekt nedenfor

Patenterne relatere sig i øvrigt til CIA's Project Bizzare, som er et EMF basseret Mind Control Program, du kan læse og downloade de de-klacificrede filer, som er frigivet under Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) her:

CIA Project Bizzare

Se også min side med MK-Ultra Sub-projects:

MK-Ultra relaterede bøoger/dokumenter

MKULTRA Briefing Book - List of subprojects with brief descriptions - January 1976.pdf

Patent liste:

US2304095 Method and apparatus for inducing and sustaining sleep
US3060795 Apparatus for producing visual stimulation
US3278676 Apparatus for producing visual and auditory stimulation
US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device
US3398810 Ultrasonic Sound Beam
US3568347 Psycho-Acoustic Projector
US3576185 Sleep inducing method and arrangement using modulated sound and light
US3612211 Method of producing locally occurring infrasound
US3613069 Sonar System
US3629521 Hearing Systems
US3647970 Method and system for simplifying speech wave forms -Neurophone
US3712292 Method and apparatus for producing swept FM Audio signal patterns for inducing sleep
US3773049 Apparatus for treatment of neuropsychic & somatic diseases with heat light sound & VHF electromagnetic radiation
US3782006 Means & methods to assist people in building up aversion to undesirable habits
US3884218 Method of inducing and maintaining various stages of sleep in the human being
US3951134 Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
US3967616 Multi channel system for & multi factorial method of controlling the nervous system of a living organism
US4006291 Three dimensional television system
US4141344 Sound Recording System
US4227516 Apparatus for Electro-Physiological Stimulation
US4315501 Learning Relaxation Device
US4315502 Frequency Stimulation Device
US4335710 Device for the induction of specific brain wave patterns
US4349898 Sonic Weapon System
US4388918 Mental Harmonization Process
US4395600 Auditory subliminal message system and method
US4572449 Method for Stimulating the falling asleep and/or relaxing behavior in a person
US4616261 Method and apparatus for generating subliminal visual messages
US4686605 Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
US4692118 Video Subconscious Display Attachment
US4699153 System for accessing verbal psycho-biological conditions of a subject
US4712155 Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma
US4717343 Method of changing a person's behavior
US4734037 Message Screen (Subliminal)
US4777529 Auditory subliminal programming system
US4821326 Non- Audible Speech Generation Method & Apparatus
US4834701 Apparatus for inducing frequency reduction in brain wave
US4858612 Electromagnetic Interaction with biological system-ground wave emergency network 800mhz
US4877027 Hearing System ( Microwave)
US4883067 Method and Apparatus for Translating EEG into Music
US4889526 Noninvasive Method and Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals
US4940058 Cryogenic Remote Sensing Physiograph
US5017143 Method and apparatus for producing subliminal images
US5036858 Method and Apparatus for changing Brain Wave Frequency
US5123899 Method and system for altering consciousness
US5134484 Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages
US5135468 Method and Apparatus for varying the brain state of a person by means of an audio signal
US5151080 Method and apparatus for inducing and establishing a changed state of consciousness
US5159703 Silent subliminal presentation system
US5170381 Method for mixing audio subliminal recording
US5213562 Method of inducing mental, emotional and physical states of consciousness, including specific mental activity in human beings
US5218374 Power Beaming System with printer circuit radiating elements having resonating cavities
US5221962 Subliminal device having manual adjustment of perception level of subliminal correlates
US5224864 Method of recording and reproducing subliminal signals that are 180" out of phase
US5270800 Subliminal message generator
US3278676 Method and apparatus for cyclic scanning of images
US5289438 Method and System for Altering Consciousness
US5330414 Brain Wave Inducing Apparatus
US5352181 Method and recording for producing sounds and messages to achieve alpha and Theta brainwave states and positive emotional states in humans
US5356368 Method and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness
US5425699 Method of modifying human behavior using signal triggered post -hypnotic suggestion
US5450859 Protection of living systems from adverse effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields
US5507291 Method and Apparatus for Remotely Determining Information as to a Person's Emotional State
US5539705 Ultra Sonic Speech Translator and Communication System ( DE-AC05-840R21400-Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.
US5544665 Protection of living systems from adverse effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields
US5551879 Dream State Teaching Machine
US5557199 Magnetic Resonance Monitor
US5562597 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress
US5577041 Method of Controlling a Personal Communication System
US5586967 Method and Recording for Producing Sounds & Messages to achieve Alpha and Beta Wave States
US5644363 Apparatus for superimposing visual subliminal instructional materials on a video signal
US5675103 Non-Lethal Tetanizing Weapon
US5729694 Speech Coding, Reconstruction and Recognition using Acoustics and Electromagnetic Waves
US5777476 Ground global tomography(CGT)using modulation of ionospheric electrojets
US5784124 Supraliminal Method of Education with particular application behavior modification
US5800481 Thermal excitation of sensory resonance's
US5823932 Apparatus and method for modifying human behavior by triggering positive and aversive post-hypnotic suggestions
US5830064 Apparatus and method for distinguishing events which collectively exceed chance expectations and thereby controlling an output
US5864517 Pulsed Combustion Acoustic Wave Generator
US5889870 Acoustic Heterodyne device and method
US5919679 Method and Apparatus for altering Ionic interactions with magnetic fields
US5935054 Magnetic Excitation of Sensory Resonances
US5954629 Brain wave inducing system
US5973999 Acoustic Cannon
US5997464 Magnetic coil for pulsed electromagnetic Field
US6011991 Communication System and Method Inducing Brain Wave Analysis and/or use of Brain Wave Activity
US6017302 Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation of Nervous Systems
US6024700 System and Method for Detecting Thought and Generating Control Instruction in Response Thereto
US6052336 Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier
US6067468 Apparatus for monitoring a person's psycho-physiological condition
US6081774 Electric Fringe Filed Generator for Manipulating Nervous Systems
US6091994 Pulsative Manipulation of Nervous Systems
US6135944 Method of Inducing Harmonious States of Being
US6167304 Pulse Variability in Electric Field Manipulation of Nervous Systems
US6203486 Earth-Magnetic Field Augmenters
US6219657 Device and Method for Creation of Emotions
US6258022 Behavior Modification-using Hypnosis
US6358201 Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance
US6506148 Nervous System Manipulation by EM Fields from Monitors ( TV and Computer ) (Heartbeat)
DE19713947al Unknown
JP11042282a2 Hypnosis accelerating apparatus
WO09802200a Behavior modification

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