AstraZeneca's Vaccine Candidate ChAdOx1

Way back in the start of this plandemic i read the Document MERSCoV.pdf

For some reason my head see's patterns and remembers strange combinations of numbers and -or letters.
So the first time I saw the combination ChAdOx1, it instantly imprinted it self into my head.

That day was the 27 of March 2020 - 10 days after the first lockdown of Denmark.
i saw it in a Document Called MERSCoV.pdf a document dated 07-11-2019 (a document that i still got ofcause.)

ChAdOx1 was mentioned in a section on vaccines against the MERS Virus.
A section that originaly was based on research from between 2012-2017 (i'll get back to that research).

This is the frontpage and the section of MERSCoV,
(I added the file properties to the first screenshot.)

ChAdOx1 - nCoV19 What the actul FUCK??

The Danish News

Okay the next time i saw this ChAdOx1 was on the Danish news just a few days ago
(today is the 11-25-2020 us date).

It was mentioned (and pictured by the way) on the news, and this time they were speaking about
the covid-19 vaccine from Astra Zeneca, so at first i googled it, and this is was came up:

One document did catch my interest though, one from the danish

But as the above were all newly dated documents, i searched my
offline document store.

And pling there it was the above mentioned MERSCoV, but also other documents had that same ChAdOx1
mentioned, all documents i went through was related to the vaccine, i then went into the MERSCoV
file and into the section with cross-referenced studies (to other resarch papers from other Doctors)

Í already know that these kinda studies is hidden from the public on google, so i used alternativ search ways and found it

It was in a Science Direct Articles Series

As the refference list was to long to go through and read, I then focused on the years of the research
and as you see for the screens below, this is old research on new bottles

You know why it's old research???
I do, cause SARS-COV-2 contains MERS, SARS, Human Corona Virus 229E,
and HOC043 don't belive me? go through ALL of the document's
at this site, and that's a lot (specially in the https://it-nø - section,
i've read everyone of them, while downloading them)...

Document's refered to and others containing ChAdOx1 in my document store

Danish WHO Strategi 2020-2023.pdf
Preprint PDF Vaccines for SARS-COV-2.pdf
Vaccinestudier - Overblik over planlagte og igangværende humane studier af vacciner til COVID-19.pdf

Science Direct Articles Series


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