911 was an inside job / hoax attack

No one should have any doubt that the attack 911 was a HOAX attack..

1. There was no planes they were holograms, and as you see on screenshot one there is no plane.
   The buildings was rigged with bombs, and how the fuck should the supposed two planes have knocked down building 7 ???

2. Building 7 was a controlled demolision it falls down in a few seconds..

3. There was no plane hitting pentagon, it was a missile, and to this day the official explanation
   to why there were no plane parts inthere, that they were evaporated!!!!!

Video 1 and 2 is building two bombing (about 11 min in), video 3 is the missil, video 4 is building 7

Screenshot 1 is from the video above, screenshot 2 is the exit hole i pentagon.

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